Q. What will be your priorities in the Assembly?

A. I want to be your true progressive voice in the Assembly. We need to defend the education budget from draconian cuts, protect our environment, demand clean, open, and accountable government, and focus on what you care about instead of the corrupt special interests ruining our state.


Q. Can someone new really make an impact in the Assembly?

A. For the past six years, Democrats have been losing ground in the Assembly. The status quo has not been working, and yet, our current politicians have done little to change course. We need new ideas, new policies, and new strategies if we ever hope to take back our government. That’s my goal, and with your support, I know we can spark real change.


Q. Why did you decide to run this year?

A. Republican policies have caused great harm to our state but our current politicians have been unable or unwilling to turn things around. If we don’t act soon, we may lose the state for a generation. We need someone who will always defend our progressive values. Someone who can credibly stand against Scott Walker because he has never stood with him. I’m a progressive through and through and I will never give you a reason to doubt my intentions.


Q. Are you able to fully represent me in the Assembly with your disability?

A. Absolutely. After my accident, I went back and completed my law degree and then started a nonprofit that has had a real impact on many people's lives. I have the drive and tenacity to be a strong and passionate voice for our progressive values. You can trust me to stand against Scott Walker’s radical agenda as I literally have more steel in my spine than anyone in the legislature. FDR saw us through the Great Depression and World War II from a wheelchair and I will aspire to channel his fortitude as I stand up for you.


Q. What are your ties to Dane County and our community?

A. My wife and I chose UW-Madison for our studies because we loved the community and saw Wisconsin as a place we could put down roots. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made. It was this community that helped me after losing my family and so kindly supported the work I’ve done through my nonprofit. I feel lucky and privileged to call Dane County my home and I hope to continue to receive your support as I run for the Assembly.